Contact ice 2 art to get the best ice carving for your event. Whether it is a wedding, corporate function or a birthday bash, ice 2 art offer creative solutions that can add fun to your event. ice 2 art are the only ice company in Western Australia that creates and hand carves their own crystal clear ice.

ice 2 art can design and personalize ice carvings: musical instruments, football team logos, motorcycles, fairy castles, and ice sculptures with frozen items inside. ice 2 art even have coloured ice sculptures in Perth if you want something unique for your function. Check out our galleries to see more of these popular items.

ice2art ice sculptures creations will last for up to six to eight hours. They will not look awkward by the end of your event because they make sure they melt proportionally.

ice 2 art services also include live sculpting exhibitions. These can be a good form of entertainment for your guests.

We look forward to creating a masterpiece for your event.



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formulated to last 6 - 8 hours or more for all occasions

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