Ice Sculpture Ideas for Corporate Events

With the growing popularity of corporate entertainment, we can guarantee your corporate events will have the ‘wow’ factor. Our creative ice2art ice sculptures will make your event even more memorable. See our selections on this page. We have creative ideas for your company such as freezing your product on ice, or sculpting your own brand logo. We make sure our ice carvings are clear and have precise lines and curves for details.

We use the latest technology to ensure your satisfaction. Whether you are hosting a corporate function, an award ceremony or a product launch, we make sure your event will have the best ice2art ice sculptures. We can even provide a large ice sculpture etched with your brand logo at the main entrance of your venue. We can provide lighting to give it a dramatic feel. This can be a great site for photo ops for your guests.          

 We cater to different businesses and functions. Our sculptors have carved a variety of scale model ice sculptures, from oil rigs for BP and the logo for Famous Grouse Whiskey, to Jaguar and Ferrari logos. Our aim is to amaze your guests with the beauty, clarity, and design of your chosen ice sculpture.


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formulated to last 6 - 8 hours or more for all occasions

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