Are you looking for a creative centrepiece for your wedding day? Here at ice2art, we offer beautiful wedding ice carving that will certainly wow your guests. Tell us what you want and we can give it to you. We can engrave names and special dates on a lovely ice swan sculpture. We can even make ice tables where you serve tasty appetizers to your guests. Our ice2art ice sculptures last for about six hours—enough time to create magic on your wedding day!

Contemporary Bride & Groom - Ice2Art Ice Sculptures
Double Hearts - Ice2Art Ice Sculptures
Yellow Roses  - Ice2Art Ice Sculptures
Red Roses - Ice2Art Ice Sculptures
Swan - Ice2Art Ice Sculptures
Swans - Ice2Art Ice Sculptures
Pink Swan - Ice2Art Ice Sculptures
Flower Centerpieces - Ice2Art Ice Sculptures
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Here are some wedding ice sculptures you can choose for your special day:

Groom and Bride

Do you want something romantic? Get the contemporary groom and bride wedding ice carving! This sculpture features classy and dreamy couple with a heart on the centre. Let us know if you want your names and special dates engraved here. You can also request other poses for this particular ice sculpture.

Double Hearts

This may be simple, but this can brighten up your tables. Try asking for linked hearts with engraved names and dates. Put this information on the middle. If you want dramatic effect, we can also add some lights to give our sculpture and venue a dreamy effect. Let us know where you want to set your wedding ice sculptures. We can arrange them in a way they create the perfect ambience for your wedding reception.

Fresh Roses Enclosed in Ice Sculpture

This is actually one of our popular items. We can enclose fresh flowers in ice sculptures and create lovely centrepieces for your table. If you want something striking, go for red roses or flowers that have special meaning for both of you. You may also choose what kind of flower to enclose. Our sculptures can be spherical or in a pyramid shape.

Graceful Swan

We can also offer swan sculptures. We even have this wedding ice carving in another colour. If you want to know more ice sculpture styles for your wedding, give us a call today!



  1. Malindi Calder

    Hi there,
    I was wondering if it would be possible for you to create a small 21 luge sculpture and how much it would cost? My event is in September, 2014.

    Malindi Calder

    3 weeks ago


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